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Goofiness Abounds

I watch episodes of Mad Men, which I love, and I marvel at the glamour, the elegance… and the sheer lack of humor of the time (not counting the black face scene). I live in New York, which can be … Continue reading

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Every Day Miracles

The second ever voicebox transplant was recently performed in California, on a 52-year old woman who hadn’t been able to speak, or breathe without a tube, for 11 years.  The woman was a diabetic who had also undergone transplants for … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks: Tragicomedy?

For awhile there, in late 2010, it seemed like the WikiLeaks saga was all anyone could think about, blog about, hear about on NPR in the morning while putting on her mascara.  Color me shallow, but I quickly tired of … Continue reading

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What Makes New Yorkers Happy

Right around Thanksgiving, one of the culture sites I subscribe to, Daily Candy, made a heart-warming video, asking a series of New Yorkers what makes them happy.  It sounds a little hoaky, but I actually thought it was lovely.

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Gorillas Play Tag

To begin, a caveat: the inspiration for all of this came from an articlein New York Magazine, called ‘Look on the Bright Side’, and as I begin the collection of my material, I freely admit that this post is stolen from … Continue reading

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