Gorillas Play Tag

To begin, a caveat: the inspiration for all of this came from an articlein New York Magazine, called ‘Look on the Bright Side’, and as I begin the collection of my material, I freely admit that this post is stolen from that article, and that it may not be the last.


My favorite item on the article’s list of recent news items that are reassuring is the release of some recent study results in the science world.  Apparently, it’s been discovered that gorillas play tag.  I researched (and by researched I mean googled) this idea, and it’s in fact true.  Gorillas play tag, leading to a whole world of speculation about the implication of the origins of human competitiveness.  But I don’t really care about that.


Why is this necessarily a good thing?  Well, wouldn’t you want to watcha bunch of gorillas play tag?


My boyfriend and I recently took our first visit to Bronx Zoo. We wandered into the ape house and the gorillas were having playtime.  They ran around tapping each other, and then two of them got tired, sat down facing each other, and hugged and patted each other’s back.  You can’t watch something like that and not burst into a smile.  There are some days that I just want to run around with my friends, hug someone, and get a pat on the back.

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