WikiLeaks: Tragicomedy?

For awhile there, in late 2010, it seemed like the WikiLeaks saga was all anyone could think about, blog about, hear about on NPR in the morning while putting on her mascara.  Color me shallow, but I quickly tired of hearing about the potentially catastrophic implications it has for international diplomacy.

At my liberal arts college, pre-Facebook and anything starting with the term Wiki-, we had something called The Gossip Server.  This essentially meant that any person in the school with a chip on his shoulder could expose, invent, and publicize scandalous information about any other student for all the school to see.  When one was on the receiving end of such slander, was this harmful?  No.  Horribly embarrassing?  Yes.  That’s how I instinctually responded to the WikiLeaks “crisis”– like the U.S. Government got tagged in a nipple picture on the international gossip server.

Then I read this devil’s advocate argument from a TIME writer, and I said a silent thank you for a journalist who was willing to present a lighter scenario, similar to the one in my head.  And then a chorus of “it’s not that bad’s”came out of the woodwork.

And actual tragedies took the stage.

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