Every Day Miracles

The second ever voicebox transplant was recently performed in California, on a 52-year old woman who hadn’t been able to speak, or breathe without a tube, for 11 years.  The woman was a diabetic who had also undergone transplants for multiple organs, and had lost the use of her voice due to complications in surgery to repair her failing kidneys.  Brenda had had a very bad decade.

On that note, thanks to YouTube, you can witness an 8-month old baby hearing for the first time as the doctor activates his cochlear implants.

And in late 2010, it was announced that Harvard scientists had reversed the aging process in mice, possibly paving the way for medical breakthroughs that would extend the quality of life of the elderly, reducing the incidences of age-related diseases.

We may have a terribly complex and flawed medical insurance system, but for all the faults of the industry, we live in an age when doctors and researchers hand out miracles every day.

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