Goofiness Abounds

I watch episodes of Mad Men, which I love, and I marvel at the glamour, the elegance… and the sheer lack of humor of the time (not counting the black face scene).

I live in New York, which can be a very serious place, or a very lighthearted place, depending on how you approach it.  When you live here long enough (I’m in an on-again-off-again 10-year relationship with the city), it’s difficult to resist the surly nature of the native New Yorker.  Especially in the winter.

And then, little things happen that remind you of what a fascinating place this is, in what a fascinating time.  And that we live in an era when goofiness and spontaneity are fully embraced, even by the surliest of natives.  And goofiness abounds. It’s exploding out of the pores of everyone you pass, maybe even more so than the petulance we so expect from each other…

[Note: The below clip is two years old, but lives close to my heart because this is the exact subway station and escalator I take every morning on my way to work…]

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