They’re Hiring

According to Fortune and CNNMoney, 25 of the country's 100 best companies to work for have 700 job openings each.  Meaning not only are there 137,000 jobs out there to apply for, but they are at good places to work.  So, not only are mass layoffs over, but we can actually point to 137,000 viable jobs at thriving companies.
Maybe I am being naive: this number may be tiny compared to the amount of jobs needed to get our unemployment numbers on track, a number which seems to change every day. 
But, as I heard on NPR the other morning, the service sector is growing quickly, quicker than most expected, which means hiring rates of 90% of the US work force are expected to increase, steadily and soon. Unemployment applications are going back to late 2010 dropping rates, and are about 250,000 less than they were at the recession's peak.  Read the article for yourself.
So put that bee in your bonnet, since the nightly news probably won't do it for you.  And maybe forward that good Fortune news to your unemployed friends and relatives.
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