I Use the Word Awesome Too Much

… but I don’t actually intend to stop using it anytime soon.  I love it.  Maybe it will be weird to use it when I’m in my sixties, but I probably still will, and I will be awesome because of it.

And because I love the word awesome, I love the name of this fellow blog, 1,000 Awesome Things.  And considering the hit count, I’m not alone.  Flag this one and check it out when you need to feel the love for something… anything.

P.S.  You know what’s awesome about my day?  It’s a rainy Sunday, it’s 6:30 and I have not changed out of my pajamas yet.  I just put on an apron and made my first ever tart.  A tart, I say.


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One Response to I Use the Word Awesome Too Much

  1. Rex Berkshire says:

    Just wanted to say how “awesome” your blogging is to read. Makes me a proud father to know that my daughter actually has a depth which I only scratch the surface of during visits. What is awesome to me is that I have been corresponding with you for years and am constantly amazed at how your voice comes through in your writing. I wish I had the head you do, and the heart as well. Keep on striving, kid. It’s one thing of what makes life interesting. PS. the site works very well and is interesting to navigate and poke around in.

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