The New Light of Day

The other day, my boyfriend, who trolls the internet for the latest video sensation more so than the average 14-year-old girl, sent me a link at work. I was having a somewhat tough day, adjusting from being back at my desk after a long, luxurious vacation.

This video depicts several chimps who have never seen the light of day, being released outside for the first time. If I was having a bumpy transition, I forgot about it when I watched theirs. It’s fascinating. (Just watch the beginning, the second half doesn’t go anywhere.)

In a way, this is like what vacation is for. It wakes you up, shines a light, opens a door for you… y’know, all those metaphors. It’s easy to deflate when it’s over. But the thing that keeps you from being depressed about the end of an adventure is the charge of rejuvenation fueled by the temporary distance you are granted from your everyday life. As my wise better half told me, mid-vacation, while I agonized over how to approach the quagmire of my current career situation: “rather than thinking of it as a problem, consider it an opportunity.” Coming from a fellow natural cynic, I was touched by this show of optimism, even if he was just trying to get me to stop whimpering into my bolognese. I shift my energy to this perspective and I think of the chimps, and their faces as the door is opened and they look around at the sight before them. Their awed expressions say it all: it is such a big world out there. There is so much to do!

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One Response to The New Light of Day

  1. Caroline says:

    It’s definitely an “opportunity.” Well said, Boyfriend. But I get it- I get how it can seem so problematic.

    These chimps are a great example of seeing new things; even if we are seeing the same thing (a job) with a new perspective.

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