35 Before 35, As Promised

Ever since I wrote my 25 Things post, I’ve been working on that 35 Before 35 list that I pledged to make.  And, though I flirted with the idea of making it a 25 Before 35 list because 35 sounded a tad excessive, I stuck with 35.  Why?  Because I was encouraged by my ever wise life partner, and sometime blog consultant, to include those things that I’ve already accomplished.  So, I set out to come up with 10 awesome things that I got out of the way between the ages of 25 and 35, and another 25 things to bang out by 35.  (But I had a hard time narrowing my first list down to 10, so I cheated it up to 12.)

For the record: 35 is only a little over 14 months away for me (arrrgh!), which makes this…well, a hefty undertaking.  Here goes.

Some of the Awesome Things I’ve Done Since 25:

1.    P90X, flawlessly
2.    Start an event-planning company
3.    Get acupuncture
4.    Go to Italy
5.    Start saving for retirement
6.    Get my MFA
7.    Interview a loved one through StoryCorps
8.    Live alone
9.    Fly first class
10.    Shoot a national commercial
11.    Throw a party that people will talk about for years
12.    Find the perfect apartment (and the perfect man to share it with)

A Bunch of Stuff I Will Do Before 35:

13.    Get out of debt
14.    The Artist’s Way
15.    Take a flower design class
16.    Be the subject of a photo shoot that makes me feel beautiful
17.    Write a play
18.    Buy an amazing pair of shoes
19.    Make meditation a regular part of life
20.    Go to Brazil
21.    Volunteer at an animal shelter
22.    Run at least 3 miles without wanting to die
23.    Read Infinite Jest
24.    Get a facial
25.    Go apple-picking
26.    Make a brand new friend

27.    Bake a pie from scratch
28.    Paint something I own a great color
29.    Get another pet…even a goldfish
30.    Drive up California’s coast
31.    Make a little film
32.    Reconnect with my sister
33.    See Gone With the Wind
34.    Make a scrapbook of our trip to Italy
35.    Play a sports game that is not bowling.

Good God. All laid out, this list is so…unintentionally wholesome. Doesn’t look like the list of the natural cynic I profess to be, does it? (The blog must be working! Or I’m just aging!)

In any case, I’ll be updating my progress as it happens here.  Wish me luck.  Better yet, start your own and do it with me.

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2 Responses to 35 Before 35, As Promised

  1. Rex Berkshire says:

    it’s an awesome list, but alas, mutually exclusive and hence slightly doomed. The situatuation can be improved by eliminating lucky item 13. Of course, eliminating the rest of the list may make that one doable, but how boring. Go for the adventure while you are young and capable, debt will always be there. Always, like death, inevitable.

  2. I thought it was taxes that was as certain as death… not debt… hmm, I must have my proverbs mixed up. Suze Orman lied!

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