Overdue Thanks

Given that this is a blog devoted to seeking out the good stuff that life has to offer, I couldn’t let Thanksgiving 2011 pass without saying a word or two about which good stuff I should be thankful for. Okay, well, it did pass, but ideally the sentiment still lingers. So, a few items of gratitude (you know how I love lists). I, dear reader, am thankful for:

1) Always being surrounded by vibrant, brilliant and caring people. I live with an extraordinarily curious man who always asks questions. My best friend has a freakishly enormous heart. My parents are sharp and witty in very different ways, and their spouses are bubbling over with kindness. In every corner of my life, I am surrounded by passionate, beautiful souls. In a city like New York where we live in each others’ pockets, it’s easy to want to not be around people. But at times like this, we remember who the good ones are—the ones who we would trade in all the others for if we could.

2) Having a job. Sure, I’m one of the 99%, and sure I kind of hate the grind sometimes. But I have money coming in. I can pay for my own meals and my apartment, and they are good meals and it’s a goooood apartment. I have amazing health insurance and weekends off and solid vacation time.  The monotony of the whole thing is contrary to how I would arrange my life in a perfect world, and sometimes I itch with “cubicle claustrophobia,” but I am not scared for my future. Anything I want to do from here (maybe when the economic dust finally settles) is possible, because I will be jumping from solid ground.

3) Living in a time of wonder. Yeah, we all know that there is a lot wrong with the country right now, but maybe our memory is a tad selective. I am not convinced that we haven’t got it the best of any prior American generation. Think of it: information about anything and contact with anyone is literally at our fingertips; women have the freedom to not only vote, but to work and earn or stay home and knit and each is as acceptable as the other; an African-American is President of the United States; people are living longer than ever, crime is decreasing, divorce is plateauing and our biggest reported concerns for our youth are that they are overconfident and possibly overly optimistic, not that they will be, say, drafted into war. Before you think of all the “buts” that might follow these points, humor me and just bask in their legitimacy for one tiny second. Some of it out there, yes, is bad…but some of it is really, really cool.

Hope you all had a holiday that was full of hope and thanks. Onwards.

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2 Responses to Overdue Thanks

  1. Rex Berkshire says:

    I am touched by your optimism. Keep it coming. I like reading your blog MORE than Joel Stein’s nonsense in Time, and he gets paid for it.

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