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Thoughts on Love and Poetry

There are two parallel themes running through my week. I keep coming back to two words: Shakespeare and love. (No, not Shakespeare IN Love starring Gwyneth and the awesome butler from “Downton Abbey.” Yes, he’s in it.) The two words … Continue reading

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Image Interlude: Street Art Hall of Fame

It’s been a busy week. I have so much I want to write about, but alas, not tonight. I leave you with these to make you smile, and maybe want to pick up the nearest can of spray paint. Art … Continue reading

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Whitney, Demi and the Famous Aging Female

With the death of Whitney Houston and the apparent downward spiral of Demi Moore competing with each other for the most gossip rag headlines this month, I’m compelled to throw a couple of pennies into the pile. As a former … Continue reading

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Prop 8: Pass the Soapbox

I don’t want to get into the habit of using this here blog for political soapboxing, for three reasons: 1) there’s enough of that on the web already, 2) it would be like bringing a spork to a gunfight, as … Continue reading

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