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Summer Bloggin’: Hidden Gems at Googa Mooga

It’s a hot, hectic month, my friends, and the weather outside is calling for lazy blog posts of silly tidbits from the Wonderland of the Web. Too. Sweaty. To. Contemplate. Life. This is my latest favorite…New Yorkers out there may … Continue reading

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Why Do You Not Know How to Interpret the Present Time?

I don’t always notice the small moments of bravery around me. It’s much easier to notice unfortunate hairdos, sweaty garbage smells, or the good stuff like nice manners and sweet moments between lovers…but bravery? If you asked me if I … Continue reading

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35 Before 35: One More (Little One) Down

I’m having too exhausting a week to write anything close to deep, so I’ll just briefly report on my latest minor accomplishment: the acquiring of a truly awesome pair of summer shoes. Another 35-Before-35er bites the dust. I don’t remember … Continue reading

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