35 Before 35: One More (Little One) Down

I’m having too exhausting a week to write anything close to deep, so I’ll just briefly report on my latest minor accomplishment: the acquiring of a truly awesome pair of summer shoes. Another 35-Before-35er bites the dust.

I don’t remember the last time I personally spent this much on a pair of what are basically sandals, if any shoes at that. But it was an irreversible I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE moment. And they are not grey. Or brown. Or black. They are so very non-basic. They are scrumptiously bright and two-toned, and apparently were in the The Washington Post as a favorite in the Lifestyle section’s Trend Report for spring, though I didn’t know that until after I swiped the card.

I was planning on buying a pair of fabulous and fancy high heels to cross this one off my list, but hey—I’ve never owned shoes this funky, heel or none. So, they count. I dropped the cash, so they count. I can wear them way more than fancy heels, so they count. They are amazing (the required adjective used in item #18), so they count. This is a vapid but true reminder to myself that the best lady shoes don’t have to be $400 Manolos from a “Sex and the City” episode. Now all I have to do is…wear them.

I promise to write on issues of much complexity next time. But for right now, on this exhausted Thursday evening of take-out food, I have new shoes to stare at and imagine outfits for. Don’t judge.

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