Summer Bloggin’: Hidden Gems at Googa Mooga

It’s a hot, hectic month, my friends, and the weather outside is calling for lazy blog posts of silly tidbits from the Wonderland of the Web.

Too. Sweaty. To. Contemplate. Life.

This is my latest favorite…New Yorkers out there may know that a couple of weekends ago was the premiere of The Great Googa Mooga, a food festival Extreme in Prospect Park. From what I heard it was quite the adventure, and well worth the trip, the food shortage notwithstanding.

But one of the post-festival highlights has been the email rounds that a certain menu has made, one that perfectly satirizes the menus of all the pseudo-artisanal, American nouveau, pan-Asian, fictitiously-named haute cuisine of my neighborhood. This menu was distributed at what one reader dubbed “Douche-a-Mooga” by a bunch of (genius) culinary pranksters. I giggled audibly and continuously for a good 20 minutes as I read it, and re-read it, knowing full well that it is basically poking fun at “foodie” Brooklynites like myself, and our fascination with dishes that are so obscure they’re imaginary.

Here’s a first taste, but you really should read the whole thing.

Bon appetit.

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