Back in the Saddle: 35 Before 35

Friends, I’ve neglected my dear blog for about three solid weeks—a near record since starting it—but with a good reason, and its name is marriage.

My nuptials were about a week and a half ago today, and amazingly, it feels like it’s been a year. Weddings are such happy times, but what the cynics say is true, in a sense: it is only one day, and it goes by in a flash. As an event planner I’m familiar with how this works—the preparation for months toward a single moment in time, and the inevitable deflation after it flies by. And after one’s wedding, this melancholic cloud settles in with new intensity (more so, I think, when your wedding goes perfectly, like mine did). On our “mini-moon,” my fian—er, husband!—said he missed the brief time in which we were special. There’s a tangible glow that surrounds you when you are the bride or groom, and once our day passed, we were mere mortals again, having glimpsed that starry feeling for what seemed like a millisecond.

The weight on my shoulders has been slightly different; I simply don’t have a wedding to look forward to anymore. I realized that I’ve always felt like a young girl as long as those major life events were still ahead of me. Now, this big one is in the past, and—like I posted about months ago—there’s a feeling of sweet mourning that accompanies this departure from my old self. The mourning of a rite of passage that will never come again.

The good news is that I was able to enjoy it while it was here. I was truly in the moment, soaking it in. Many brides can’t say the same thing, and usually, I can’t either.

The other good news is that in the last three weeks I knocked out a good chunk (4!) out of my 35 Before 35 list! A quick recap:

#15: Take a flower design class. Several weeks ago, I purchased what seemed like a good deal on Living Social with a private teacher who had a decent online rep. I boldly scheduled the class for the weekend before the wedding, which turned out to only be a slight mistake—an emergency meeting with my own florist making me about 15 minutes late. I would have taken pains to avoid this had I realized that this class was only an hour, instead of two as I expected. Furthermore, I probably wouldn’t have paid to take a 60-minute class in the first place. We got to cut some flowers, clean them, stick them artfully in a mason jar, ask some questions, and be on our way. This counts enough for me to cross it off my list, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit gypped.

#16: Be the subject of a photo shoot that makes me feel beautiful. You might wonder why this was on the list. Suffice to say, I don’t consider myself to be the most photogenic of people, and as a former actress, this has been a source of true frustration for me. Headshot after headshot I dropped small fortunes on turned out only slightly more flattering than the last, and the more makeup and hairspray that was piled onto me, the less like me I looked. Well, like I said, a wedding makes you feel like a celebrity for a day. Now I understand how beautiful famous people get that way. Two words: teamwork and props. (Yes, money buys both, and you also need to have nothing else to do but get pretty for a few days.) And while I don’t have all the pictures back, I sure felt beautiful having them taken. Here’s a glimpse.

#24: Get a facial. Yet another deal purchased online, this one on DailyCandy, which is better at vetting its vendors than other sites devoted to only flash sales. I went to the posh Joanna Vargas salon, which normally I would never be able to afford, and it was blissful (sorry, Bliss). Seriously, I don’t know how I waited so long to let someone with little Tinkerbell fingers rub squishy stuff all over my face for an hour. And my face was, in fact, glowing the day after. Will I make facials a regular part of life? Uh. Maybe once my bank account recovers from recent previously mentioned events. Or I may just keep them tucked away in that luxury category, for when I need spoiling.

And the last one?  #26: Make a brand new friend.

As I was going through my list, I realized: I’ve done this several times over this year. Having a new job helps.

I’m just about 50% through my 35 Before 35 list now, folks. And July 25th was my half-birthday—you do the math. Got some whoppers to conquer in the coming months (Infinite Jest is proving to be the Kilimanjaro of novels), so wish me luck.

It’s good to be back.

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One Response to Back in the Saddle: 35 Before 35

  1. Congratulations! The photos from your wedding are beautiful. Sounds like you had a very special day.

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