Image Interlude: Amazing Things

Found a new favorite Facebook page, called Amazing Things in the World, featuring just that. There’s no rhyme or reason to it; it boasts images of manmade creations and natural beings, some images contain much more information than others (like the ones that just contain the caption “Awesome!”) and some are way more interesting than others.  Yes, there are a million websites like this, but this one is the chosen source for today’s Image Interlude: some of my favorite recent photos from the page, with their accompanying text. I’m a big believer in awe, wonderment and being humbled by one’s larger surroundings. I suppose this post is like the beginning of one big visual bucket list…maybe I’ll keep adding to it.

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One Response to Image Interlude: Amazing Things

  1. Rex Berkshire says:

    That oak looks like I feel, old, tired, crooked, but still standing! Maybe I need a summer interlude again.

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