A Little Closure Never Killed Anybody.

I have to make a confession: I’ve been cheating on you.

And by you, I mean the scads of you who have been biting your nails, having a hard time sleeping, anxiously awaiting my next blog post. I’ve been cheating on you with another blog. It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve been feeling restless, wanting more. My heart has strayed.

I began this blog with a very specific mission statement. I was inspired to explore the world of thinking positively from my usual perch up on my high horse; in other words, with a sprinkling of skepticism and dash of dry humor. I wanted to try on some rose-colored glasses—the ones that are so in vogue—and see how they fit.

I just wanted to focus on the good stuff for awhile, and that belief is still there. The cynic in me hasn’t won the battle; the little angel and devil on my shoulders still duke it out every day, and the nice one totally wins sometimes. I do aim to resist the culture of snark that so many of us unknowingly subscribe to in my continued blogging, but lately I’ve started feeling a little lackluster. And the nice thing about placing limitations on yourself is that you can lift them when it’s time. Rather than snipping away at this blog’s original intent, I started rethinking what I want to write about anyway. And the answer is: whatever the hell I want.

I don’t want to be bound by my self-prescription. I had a good run, but the beauty of The Blog is that it can be transient. They live and die every day, like those of us who write them. It’s time to put this old baby to sleep, and start on the next chapter.

But I couldn’t leave without a good-bye post and a trail of breadcrumbs—there’s nothing more depressing than visiting a blog that someone just up and left one day. (Okay, there are a lot of things more depressing, but it’s got a place on the list.) It’s like pretending you’re going to the grocery store and then skipping town on your lover. A little closure never killed anybody.

If, for some reason, you’re wondering what’s going to happen to my 35 Before 35 list, it will probably come with me. You may have noticed from my last post that 35 is here, in all its ominous glory, with crows’ feet and wisps of gray hot on its tail. But the 35 Before 35 list is a little ways from complete. When I transfer it over to its new home—however—some revisions may have taken place. I promised that’s what would happen if any of the items went from being goals that I couldn’t wait to accomplish, to homework. (Sorry #22 and #31, but it turns out you’re about as fun as studying for the SATs. With an Amish person.)

The next manifestation is not far behind. It will have a different personality, to be sure, but like a twin from its mother, it will all have come from the same place. Until then, friends.

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3 Responses to A Little Closure Never Killed Anybody.

  1. don’t let the door hit you in the head on the way out, but the closure won’t hurt you. Champion blog, kiddo. Keep it up.

  2. PS: just change the tag line “a meditation on the good things in life, from a natural cynic”, the evolution is priceless personal history. “A Meditation on Life” would suffice. This obviates the need to explain yourself as you evolve, for evolve you must or you become irrelevant. (This from the source of your natural cynicism.)

  3. I was missing you, greengreengrass, and wondering if you had been swallowed up by the vicissitudes of life or had just put your feet up for awhile. Now I understand. I can’t wait for the next chapter….

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