In November of 2010, I was reading my New York Magazine like I do every week, and I came across this article, called “Look on the Bright Side,” with its accompanying Happiness List.  While the article itself is flawed, like any editorial, I was… moved.  Inspired, perhaps.  I found it amazing: the practice of the media at large focusing on anything good is so rare that a journalist was able to write a whole story about it, because optimism itself is newsworthy.  I started looking into this idea of “happiness” in the media.  I read the Happiness Project, which is also flawed, but intriguing.  I Googled and Googled.  I realized how big a topic of conversation this is today: our fascination with this unreachable happiness.

The idea of just writing a blog about positive thinking sounds like a snore to me.  So, this blog is rather a response– a response to our societal proclivity for contempt, schadenfreude and smack talk.  It would be my instinct, like many bloggers, to kvetch my way through a blog.  To vent, to spew, to whine.  I have a hard time not doing that in here, and let’s be honest, sometimes I still do.  I am a natural cynic who wishes she were a natural optimist.  Like any jaded New Yorker, I am great at bitching about things.  It’s what we do best, and it’s what we’re expected to do.  We’re Americans, and we’re encouraged to always strive for something better, which is admirable– but the downside is that we’re never happy with what we’ve got.  So, I’m challenging myself, and I suppose anyone who actually reads this, to find some good stuff out there worth noticing.  To meditate on it for a minute.  To pause.  To enjoy life’s little pleasantries or moments of lightness in an organic, non-O Magazine kind of way.  To ingest some everyday kind of beauty.

Really, guys:  it can’t all be that bad, can it?


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