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A Little Closure Never Killed Anybody.

I have to make a confession: I’ve been cheating on you. And by you, I mean the scads of you who have been biting your nails, having a hard time sleeping, anxiously awaiting my next blog post. I’ve been cheating … Continue reading

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The Little Things I’ve Gleaned From My 35 Years on Earth

I remember receiving chain emails, back when people still did that on a regular basis, about “everything a woman should know/have/do by age ___.” There was a really good one called Turning 30: Everything a Woman Should Have and Should … Continue reading

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Can’t We All Just…NOT Get Along? For Like a Minute?

As the buzz of my Hawaiian New Year honeymoon completely subsides, and all the blog posts that were percolating in my head at the end of 2012 float back into my consciousness, I also begin to catch up on my … Continue reading

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One of Those Days

Today is one of those days that you and I have all known; no matter that we should never have to. A day when a bad thing happened to a lot of people—nearby, close to home—and you didn’t know any … Continue reading

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A Chronicle of New York Disasters

My apologies for the serious lateness of this post, but we’ve had a heck of a month. And by ‘we’ I mean not just me, but New York, and you know…the country. Since I last wrote in, we’ve had an … Continue reading

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35 Before 35: First World Problems

#25: Go Apple-Picking.  This seems like a minor adventure, but it’s one of these field trips that was starting to feel like it would never happen. There are a couple of months every year when one can pick apples in … Continue reading

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Before I Die I Want To…

I’m not proud to admit it, but I’m also not ashamed (I am Woman, Hear Me Roar): at nearly every single one of my past jobs, at some point I had a moment in which I was about to cry, … Continue reading

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