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A Chronicle of New York Disasters

My apologies for the serious lateness of this post, but we’ve had a heck of a month. And by ‘we’ I mean not just me, but New York, and you know…the country. Since I last wrote in, we’ve had an … Continue reading

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The Only Way We Can Live

I sit here, watching Barack Obama’s DNC speech via YouTube on my Apple TV. I listened to Bill Clinton’s the other day on my headphones at work. Lately, with the ignorance permeating the American climate, I have been feeling the … Continue reading

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Why Do You Not Know How to Interpret the Present Time?

I don’t always notice the small moments of bravery around me. It’s much easier to notice unfortunate hairdos, sweaty garbage smells, or the good stuff like nice manners and sweet moments between lovers…but bravery? If you asked me if I … Continue reading

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Whitney, Demi and the Famous Aging Female

With the death of Whitney Houston and the apparent downward spiral of Demi Moore competing with each other for the most gossip rag headlines this month, I’m compelled to throw a couple of pennies into the pile. As a former … Continue reading

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Prop 8: Pass the Soapbox

I don’t want to get into the habit of using this here blog for political soapboxing, for three reasons: 1) there’s enough of that on the web already, 2) it would be like bringing a spork to a gunfight, as … Continue reading

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How Many People Would Return a Lost Wallet?

I just got back from an almost two-week trip abroad, which was successful in several ways, not the least of which is that I did not lose my wallet.  I say this because the last time I took a faraway … Continue reading

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Arrivederci, New York

Peacing out to Italy for ten days. A quick recap of our day in New York before I go:                 And my favorite, from the BF:

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