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The Little Things I’ve Gleaned From My 35 Years on Earth

I remember receiving chain emails, back when people still did that on a regular basis, about “everything a woman should know/have/do by age ___.” There was a really good one called Turning 30: Everything a Woman Should Have and Should … Continue reading

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Summer Bloggin’: So Not Almost Ready For a Baby

The summer blogging series (the Easy Listening of writing) continues today with the latest lightweight tidbit to make me laugh out loud. As someone who’s in her thirties, about to get hitched, and feeling like she is as ready as … Continue reading

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Summer Bloggin’: Hidden Gems at Googa Mooga

It’s a hot, hectic month, my friends, and the weather outside is calling for lazy blog posts of silly tidbits from the Wonderland of the Web. Too. Sweaty. To. Contemplate. Life. This is my latest favorite…New Yorkers out there may … Continue reading

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Helpful Hints for Reckless Drivers and General Complainers

The BF told me the other day that there is a story in my pocket which I apparently don’t tell enough.  He meant the one about the cop car, from when we moved in early June of this year. It … Continue reading

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Seeing Monsters

I dare you to not crack a smile at my friend’s new blog: I See Monsters Everywhere.  She’s kind of like The Sartorialist of Sesame Street.  

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This Guy

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Goofiness Abounds

I watch episodes of Mad Men, which I love, and I marvel at the glamour, the elegance… and the sheer lack of humor of the time (not counting the black face scene). I live in New York, which can be … Continue reading

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