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Can’t We All Just…NOT Get Along? For Like a Minute?

As the buzz of my Hawaiian New Year honeymoon completely subsides, and all the blog posts that were percolating in my head at the end of 2012 float back into my consciousness, I also begin to catch up on my … Continue reading

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Before I Die I Want To…

I’m not proud to admit it, but I’m also not ashamed (I am Woman, Hear Me Roar): at nearly every single one of my past jobs, at some point I had a moment in which I was about to cry, … Continue reading

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The Only Way We Can Live

I sit here, watching Barack Obama’s DNC speech via YouTube on my Apple TV. I listened to Bill Clinton’s the other day on my headphones at work. Lately, with the ignorance permeating the American climate, I have been feeling the … Continue reading

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Summer Bloggin’: Garden of Your Mind

This week is a summer blog series quickie. A lot of us grew up with Mister Rogers. I can’t change from a blazer to a cardigan at work without thinking of him. For those of you who also spent your … Continue reading

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Summer Bloggin’: So Not Almost Ready For a Baby

The summer blogging series (the Easy Listening of writing) continues today with the latest lightweight tidbit to make me laugh out loud. As someone who’s in her thirties, about to get hitched, and feeling like she is as ready as … Continue reading

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Imagine This, Imagine That

I’ve been thinking a lot about imagination and creativity in recent months. (This is mostly due to my work with The Artist’s Way, which I’ve been diligently plowing through since the first of January, as part of my 35 Before … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Love and Poetry

There are two parallel themes running through my week. I keep coming back to two words: Shakespeare and love. (No, not Shakespeare IN Love starring Gwyneth and the awesome butler from “Downton Abbey.” Yes, he’s in it.) The two words … Continue reading

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