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Summer Bloggin’: Garden of Your Mind

This week is a summer blog series quickie. A lot of us grew up with Mister Rogers. I can’t change from a blazer to a cardigan at work without thinking of him. For those of you who also spent your … Continue reading

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Summer Bloggin’: Hidden Gems at Googa Mooga

It’s a hot, hectic month, my friends, and the weather outside is calling for lazy blog posts of silly tidbits from the Wonderland of the Web. Too. Sweaty. To. Contemplate. Life. This is my latest favorite…New Yorkers out there may … Continue reading

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Habits to Hang Onto

This one is late, short(ish) and sweet. But I have a good reason, dear ones! I spent all weekend nonstop wedding gown shopping with my mother and maid of honor. No one told me it would be the single most … Continue reading

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Two Mornings

At about 10 a.m. two days ago, in an office building less than a mile from my own, a blonde woman eight years my senior was walking into an elevator when, for no imaginable reason, in a split second, it lurched upward and, while two passengers … Continue reading

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Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

Leave it to a natural cynic like Louis CK to perfectly encapsulate what I meant in my Overdue Thanks post when I named Living in a time of wonder as something I was thankful for. This clip is from awhile back, but I … Continue reading

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A Quick Exercise in Un-hating America

Here are some things that make me want to move out of this country. I’m having one of those weeks where I’ve had it up to my eyeballs in idiot celebrities, and ignorant politicians, and blind hatred, and fat kids. … Continue reading

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Arrivederci, New York

Peacing out to Italy for ten days. A quick recap of our day in New York before I go:                 And my favorite, from the BF:

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