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35 Before 35: First World Problems

#25: Go Apple-Picking.  This seems like a minor adventure, but it’s one of these field trips that was starting to feel like it would never happen. There are a couple of months every year when one can pick apples in … Continue reading

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35 Before 35: A Check-In

It is September 23rd. Yesterday was the first day of fall. One of my closest friends turns 35 today. I turn 35 in four months and two days, which means I have that long to finish knocking out my 35 … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle: 35 Before 35

Friends, I’ve neglected my dear blog for about three solid weeks—a near record since starting it—but with a good reason, and its name is marriage. My nuptials were about a week and a half ago today, and amazingly, it feels … Continue reading

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Two Mornings

At about 10 a.m. two days ago, in an office building less than a mile from my own, a blonde woman eight years my senior was walking into an elevator when, for no imaginable reason, in a split second, it lurched upward and, while two passengers … Continue reading

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