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Before I Die I Want To…

I’m not proud to admit it, but I’m also not ashamed (I am Woman, Hear Me Roar): at nearly every single one of my past jobs, at some point I had a moment in which I was about to cry, … Continue reading

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Image Interlude: The City of Love (Letters)

As part of the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts program, artist Stephen Powers created a series of murals called Love Letter…and you know how I feel about love letters. P.S. I referenced these once before, in a blog post way … Continue reading

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Love Letter to the Love Letter People

The bad news: I’m late with this entry and I feel all guilty about it! The good news? I have a fantastic reason. I’ve recently started a new job. Oh yes, I’ve shed my old skin that was growing saggy … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Love and Poetry

There are two parallel themes running through my week. I keep coming back to two words: Shakespeare and love. (No, not Shakespeare IN Love starring Gwyneth and the awesome butler from “Downton Abbey.” Yes, he’s in it.) The two words … Continue reading

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Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

Leave it to a natural cynic like Louis CK to perfectly encapsulate what I meant in my Overdue Thanks post when I named Living in a time of wonder as something I was thankful for. This clip is from awhile back, but I … Continue reading

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Overdue Thanks

Given that this is a blog devoted to seeking out the good stuff that life has to offer, I couldn’t let Thanksgiving 2011 pass without saying a word or two about which good stuff I should be thankful for. Okay, … Continue reading

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My (Love) Letter to Betty White

Dear Betty White, As much as it pains me to write it: I finally find myself without grandparents. Thankfully most of them lived to be a ripe old age, and I think of them all often. Especially the ones I really knew … Continue reading

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